Come join Heather Irvine, Pediatric Sleep Coach, as she leads a Gentle Sleep Workshop that will help exhausted parents teach their babies how to sleep through the night & take better naps.

This workshop provides a comfortable environment where a group of moms or couples can get together and learn how to gently solve their child’s sleep problems.

You will hear stories from other parents who are facing some of the same challenges as you, learn some gentle strategies you can use to help your child overcome these challenges and have the opportunity to develop a personalized sleep plan that you can start using immediately!


Covered in this workshop:

  • Upon registration you will be emailed a sleep assessment form that you will be asked to complete and email back to at least 5 days prior to the workshop.
  • General education about sleep – the science and the behavioral “must know”
  • The secret to sleep coaching success!
  • Common sleep problems and how to fix them – both for nights and naps.
  • Possible pitfalls you might encounter and how to successfully deal with them.
  • Create a gentle sleep plan for your child while Heather Irvine, Pediatric Sleep Coach, guides you through the process and answers your questions

See what some of the previous parents have said from attending one of our workshops! 

Before taking the workshop my daughter would wake up multiple times during the night & take awhile to get back to sleep. She is now sleeping through the night, and if she wakes up, she goes right back to sleep within minutes.” 

“The Q&A sessions were very beneficial to me & I referred to the handouts many times. It was also nice to hear the other parents share their stories & made me feel like I was not alone. My daughter is now sleeping all night in her own bed! I can’t tell you how much this class helped!”

“My daughter was waking up 3-4 times per night and needing me to nurse her, bring her into bed, and help her back to sleep. I was really happy with the format & information. My favorite part is how when we had a problem or issue Heather knew exactly what to try to resolve the issue. Since taking this class, my daughter now sleeps almost straight through the night!  Some nights she will sleep through from the time she goes to bed until 6:30 or 7am when she wakes up for the day.  Even when she does wake up, it’s usually for only a minute or two, then puts herself back to sleep.”

 “My son was unable to get himself to sleep at bedtime & naps. I would have to walk, rock, bounce & hold him in order to get him to sleep. If I put him down he would cry hysterically. This workshop was great and VERY helpful and reassuring. Listening to everyone’s progress and talking about my own progression was comforting. Heather’s reassurance and knowledge was good motivation and encouragement that is needed during the process. The outlines were helpful because it offered a short, concise guideline that you can go back and glance at. Now my son is able to put himself to sleep at bedtime and is waking up without crying. He’s getting more restful/restorative sleep, which makes him an overall happier toddler.”

Please join us for our upcoming Gentle Sleep Workshop & get that much closer to a Good Nite of Sleep! 

COST: $200/individual or $250 couple
2016 Upcoming dates to be announced soon!
LOCATION: Norman P Murray Center, Mission Viejo, Ca

24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

AGES: 5 months to 5 years
For questions or to register contact Heather via email or call her at: 949-235-2115

If you feel your sleep situation is unique or complicated, a one on one consult with Heather may be more appropriate for you than a group format.