Become a more confident parent and learn the secrets that will calm your baby, help them sleep better & bring more balance & structure to your days.

A program for new parents that gives you essential tools needed to gently ease your baby into developmentally appropriate stretches of sleep. It will lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits that lead your baby to restful nights as soon as they are ready. Heather will personally guide & support you through the common challenges experienced within those first few months with your new baby. Her expert advice & solutions cover a wide range of newborn-related concerns such as:

  • Gently Shaping your Newborn’s Sleep Habits
  • Calming & Soothing Techniques
  • Breast & Bottle Feeding Tips
  • Establishing Routines
  • New Parent Concerns
  • Development & Newborn Activities
  • Tips for Breastfeeding Challenges, Reflux Management, Colic Solutions
  • & More….


Nurturing Healthy Sleep in Your Newborn Consultation Package (Support during 0-16 weeks) – $500

This consultation was uniquely created to provide support to new parents during that sensitive and wonderful  newborn period. This support package provides you with individualized guidance to help you navigate through the early months. Starting before your baby is 3 months old can help ease the struggles that many parents experience with sleep and yields great results. This consultation will include ongoing Sleep & Feeding Assessments as well as a specific plan that will help bring more structure and predictability to your day and gently guide your baby into developmentally and age-appropriate stretches of sleep at night. You will then have scheduled follow up support from me during your baby’s first 4 months to help lead you through the process. Your Nurturing Healthy Sleep in Your Newborn Consultation Package will include:

  • Simple Strategies that Lay the Foundation for Healthy Sleep Habits in the Early Months
  • Newborn Care Guidance
  • Learn Proven Techniques to Help Manage & Reduce Colic/Fussiness
  • Establish Carefree & Healthy Feeding Patterns (Breast or Bottle)
  • Create Flexible Routines that Suit Your Lifestyle
  • Effective Solutions to Common Newborn Challenges
  • & Much More….

Includes Sleep/Feeding Assessments, 60 Minute Infant Consultation and Scheduled Support Calls (up to 30 minutes each) through your baby’s first 4 months of life. Depending on the age of your baby when you sign up, calls will be scheduled as recommended after I review your Newborn Sleep Assessment form. This consultation package includes 3 hours of support and will be scheduled accordingly after the Sleep Assessment is received. 

This Consultation is available as an In Home Visit for an Additional $200

In Home Consultation Visits lasts 2 Hours and Includes:

    • Personal Instruction on How to Help Your Baby become a Great Sleeper
    • Hands On Instruction on Newborn Soothing Methods
    • Suggestions for Creating the Optimal Sleep Environment
    • Review of Sleep Basics for Newborns
    • Follow-up Support Calls up to 16 weeks of age.

Nurturing Healthy Sleep in your Newborn Consult

Additional follow up calls are available for parents who find they need a little extra support during the newborn period. Follow up support can be scheduled on a pro-rated basis or booked in a package of calls. Recommendations will be made based on your current situation and needs.

Follow up Calls