The Expectant Parent Consultation will bring you peace & confidence and leave you prepared to enjoy your birth & baby to the fullest!

Welcoming a new baby into the world is thrilling & also riddled with some anxiety, concern & confusion. You may be wondering what products to get that are the best for your baby, you may be concerned & nervous about the birth, & you may be questioning your ability to properly care for your new baby once you bring them home. Calm the overwhelm and get prepared the Right Way! Get answers to all those burning questions (the ones all those baby classes WON’T tell you) and learn some invaluable & essential information about what you need, how to prepare and what to do so that you can enjoy those first few blissful weeks with your new bundle of joy!


Expectant Parent Program (2 hours) – $250

Perfect for the Parent-to-be! Get off to the Right Start immediately! This consultation will cover the following:

  • The Ideal Nursery Set Up – (Learn what essential baby items to get & which ones to avoid!)
  • Essential Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding Tips – (Important information regarding both & tips that will help you be prepared for when your baby is born)
  • Hospital Preparation Information (Overview of what to expect during your Hospital Stay)
  • Create the Perfect Sleep Environment for Your Baby – (Create the Optimal Sleep Environment for your Baby before you bring them home)
  • Develop the Best Support System for the Postpartum Period – (ESSENTIAL to getting through those first few weeks)
  • Learn Money Saving Tips and Invaluable Information – (Money Saving Tips every Mom should know!)